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Larksfoot Crochet Stitch – Advanced Crochet Stitches

Larksfoot Crochet Stitch – Advanced Crochet Stitches

Larksfoot crochet stitch - crochet stitches

Larksfoot Crochet Stitch

The larksfoot crochet stitch is a lovely stitch that churns out an entire roster full of the most amazing creations you ever saw. The pattern is meant for the advanced crocheter and if you have seen any pictures of larksfoot crochet stitch blankets or Afghans, then you know why. If you haven’t noticed the all the larksfoot crochet stitch pieces popping up everywhere on your social feeds, you’re missing put on a lot.

Seriously, look it up sometime. The larksfoot crochet stitch is wildly popular at the moment, thanks to the dozens of cute sweaters being showcased everywhere. I’m not entirely sure what passerine birds have to do with crocheting but I suspect some mad crocheter somewhere went looking for inspiration in all the right places.

The pattern is great for working up in colored rows, although you could still crochet it in one color. It would, however, lose some of its visual impact. I used two colors which made the stitch really stand out and look impressive.



  • Any brand of DK-weight yarn or heavier in different colors.
  • A hook size that corresponds to the gauge of the yarn you use.

The larksfoot crochet stitch is a perhaps the most versatile stitch I have worked with in recent weeks. It can be used to make warm blankets, Afghans, cute sweaters, hats, scarfs, mittens and pretty much any wearables you can think of. As mentioned, the larksfoot crochet stitch likely got its name from a bird of the same name.

Want to create some magic and kick some life into your crocheting? Well, this is how you do it. The stitch can be brought to life using bright, contrasting yarn colors.

DK-weight yarn or heavier should do. Despite this being an advanced level pattern requiring some serious crocheting skills, once you get the basics down and going, you’ll get the hang of it, soon enough. Grab some spare yarn and a hook and work up this small swatch. But be warned — it’s addictive!



You can create some amazing pieces to strut in while picking up the kids from school or going over to your friends for a girl’s night in. I settled for a handful of items namely a warm Afghan in the brightest colors you ever saw, two adult-sized sweaters and a scarf for my teenage daughter. Not to toot my own horn but those came out exceptionally wonderful.

Even better than I had imagined. Trips to the grocers are a particularly fun time for me and my family largely because everyone wants to come along and of course try on my latest crochet creations. I have had a handful of people walk up to me and compliment my sweater and afterward ask where I bought it from.

Nothing makes me better than my humble crochet skills being mistaken for a pricey J.C Penney. Makes the whole thing worth every bit of effort I put in.  The initial plan was to hoard all my creations but then, I thought, what good would a wonderful project such as this serve in a closet?



I called over two of my closest friends to try out the larksfoot crochet stitch pattern and surprisingly, I had nothing to teach. The sneaky pair already had been working on a couple of projects and they chose not to mention anything. Anyways, the whole experience turned out pretty good and the pieces we made came out just amazing.

If you want to try out this pattern but you’re afraid of messing up somewhere along the way, then you should consider getting the pattern as a PDF file. The pattern can be purchased and afterward made available for download in PDF format. The pattern comes with detailed instructions covering each step of the way.

These instructions are written in clear American English using standard U.S terms and abbreviations. To help you follow the instructions, there are pictures that illustrate what you should do at every stage. Pay keen attention especially if you choose to use different colors. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try the larksfoot crochet stitch today.


The larksfoot stitch is a crochet stitch for the advanced. Have you noticed the larksfoot stitch all popping up in patterns lately? This crochet stitch is hugely popular at the moment, and I think you’ll see why. We’re not sure what a Lark’s foot actually looks like, but the stitch certainly is pretty. It’s ideal for working up in colored rows, although you could still use it in a single color, but it would loose some of the impact.

This crochet stitch is a very versatile stitch, useful for making blankets and afghans, hats, mittens and other wearables. The stitch likely got its name it looks very much like a bird’s foot, with its long central toe.

This stitch is most effective when you use bright, contrasting colors in a yarn that is a DK-weight or heavier. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to do. Grab some spare yarn and a hook and work up this small swatch. But be warned — it’s addictive!

Get the larksfoot stitch tutorial here


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